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Friday, 7 January 2011

Nice Quotes and Thoughts : 6

Experience makes one MODIFIED.
Training makes one QUALIFIED.
Bt,Involvement makes one SATISFIED!
So do al ur work with complete INVOLVEMENT

Get up ! Get up !
The world is wating for you walk with aims !
Run with confidence !!
Fly with achivements, so
Get up. Early like a bird !.

A Door Knocks Twice. Insider Asks:Who Is There?
Insider:U R Wrong.B'coz OPPORTUNITY Never Knocks Twice

Problems & Dificulties are like Big Cotton Bags,
It Looks Huge, for Those who see it.
But for those who Handle it,
It is Lighter..

ArGumEnT WinS D SituAtioN BuT LoSeS D PeRson..
So NeVeR ArGuE With Ur LoVeD OneS..
BcoZ SituAtioN is Not ImPorTant Than D PeRson U LoVe..

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