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Friday, 21 January 2011

All about Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability is finally here!

The Prime Minister flags off the nation-wide rollout of Mobile Number Portability on Thursday. But are you still wondering how to access it? Here's all you need to know.

Q. What is MNP?
MNP allows users to retain their mobile telephone numbers even if they switch operators. Once the switching begins, it will also force telecom providers to improve the quality of their services

Q. How can I avail MNP?
Follow 6 simple steps.
Step 1: Send an SMS to 1900 in this format: PORT<space><your mobile number>
eg. PORT 9000000000
Step 2: You receive an SMS that contains a unique porting code
Step 3: SMS this unique code to your preferred operator.
(Note: This code is valid only for a few days. You will have to re-apply if it expires)
 Step 4: Your current operator will contact your new operator. If there are no dues, you will be granted approval
Step 5: You will get an SMS stating the time and date that porting will take place
(Remember, the rulebook says the process should be completed within 7 working days of applying except in J&K, Assam and North-east areas, where it will take 15 working days)
Step 6: After porting is done, await a confirmation SMS from your new operator
(Your phone could be unavailable for about 2 hours when porting occurs)

Q. How much would it cost me?
The cost of porting a number to a new operator is only Rs 19.

Some Recent Figures in MNP world :

Vodafone managed to lure 30,015 subscribers from other networks and lost just 9,267 of its subscribers. Bharti Airtel also ended in the positive with 18,271 new subscribers and only 10,837 leaving. Idea Cellular saw 15,604 subscribers leaving its network and 13,741 coming in. Emerging as the biggest losers, BSNL and Reliance Communications (RCom) witnessed a net loss of 20,000 and 13,500 subscribers, respectively, as on 16 January 2011.

MNP Faces Technical Problems :
After receiving a number of complaints from subscribers, the Department of Telecom has warned operators to implement mobile number portability (MNP) properly or face penalty. Under the MNP system, a subscriber should get a unique porting code (UPC) when requested. This code is required by the subscriber to complete the porting to the operator of his choice. But a top DoT official said, “Some operators have been found to deny the UPC to subscribers and are sending messages like ‘sorry customers, please try after some time' or ‘dear customers, please wait for some time'. Thereafter, operators try to contact the customer for retention. This is not allowed. We have told the operators that UPC generation is not to be hampered under any circumstances.” [Source: Business Line as of Jan 27 2011 ]

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john smith said...

Mobile subscribers can access to the Mobile Number portability service. After a long while and many postponement, the MNP is finally here for good. All Mobile service providers are already started advertising the MNP service. Procedure for MNP step by step guides are available on Idea sites. How To Use MNP

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