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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Nice Quotes and Thoughts : 10

One good action is greater than
a million good intentions
People Judge themselves by their intentions
yet they judge others by their actions

The world's happiest person never gets all the best things around him.He just makes "The best of what he gets"

"God is an invisible parent.
Parents are the visible God
So if you make the visible God Happy, Automaticaly the invisible God becomes Happy"

"Laziness is our bigest enemy"
- Nehru

"We should learn to love our enemies"

Which one 2 follow? These people r Confusing us...!

Learning history is so
but Making history is so difficult.
make a history of urself and make others to learn it.
-Abdul kalam.

Kill the STRESS before it Kills U.
Reach the GOAL before it kicks U.
Help everyone before someone helps U.
Live LIFE before Life leaves U

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