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Thursday, 15 December 2011

How to Open Online Term Deposit Account in SBI

If you are having an account in State bank of India (SBI) and also having basic Computer knowledge and Internet browsing skills then here is the procedure on how to open Term Deposit account online.

SBI is providing Online banking facility to all its customers free of cost. There are many advantages of having online banking account. The most important one is you don’t have to visit your branch and stand in the long queues waiting for your turn. So having online account will save a lot of time. There are many more features like transferring amount form one account to another, online ticket booking, online shopping etc. Just visit your branch to get registered for online banking services.

One nice feature provided by SBI is giving the freedom to the user to open online Term Deposit account free of cost. Online term deposit is known as e-TDR/e-STDR. The difference between e-TDR and e-STDR is, In e-STDR the interest will be paid on maturity and also the minumum tenure is 180 days and the maximum tenure is 10 years. In e-TDR the interest will be paid at regular intervals based on customer choice. The minimum tenure for e-TDR is 7 days and max tenure is 10 years. For both e-TDR and e-STDR the minumum amount for deposit is Rs.1000/-

Now here is the procedure for opening online e-TDR/e-STDR account.

    Login with your user name and password. Go to Requests tab.
    Before directly opening online e-TDR/e-STDR, just enquire about the maturity value by clicking on Enquiry tab for knowing the exact interest for a particular amount with out opening e-TDR/e-STDR account.
    You are in Requests tab, and click on open e-TDR/e-STDR online.
    Follow the wizard. After opening the account download the pdf which serves as your online receipt.

That’s it.

After the maturity the interest will be credited back to the funding account. You can cancel your e-TDR/e-STDR account and the amount will be get credited back to your SBI account.

If you want to know SBI Fixed Deposit interest rates then visit SBI Interest Rates on FD.

Imagine if you don’t have online account you have to visit your nearest branch two times. First time to open your account and second time on the maturity date to collect your money. Having online account will save a lot of time. Hope you will use this feature.

source : nareshbharat

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Top 10 the most beautiful animal hunts

Just for Laugh

Why do we sometimes write 'etc' at the end in the exam?

bcoz it means...

E-End of




How to create d Biggest Doubt in ur Wife's Mind 4 u?






Just Suddenly send her SMS Saying..

"I Luv u too"





When do you knw ur in love?

Ans. When you start searching for the cheapest mobile plan


Wht is the Diff b/w

Young Age & Old Age?



In Young Age

Phone Is Full Of Darlings Numbers..

In Old Age

Its Full of Doctors Numbers..!-


"Why is Facebook such a hit?

It works on the principle that-

'People are more interested in others life than their own-!


Why Pronounce 22 as TwentyTwo, 33 as Thirty Three, 44 as FortyFour, 55 as FiftyFive, Why not 11 as OnetyOne?

Doubt By last bench association...


What is the diff.between"GHAZAL" &"LECTURE"?

Every word spoken by the girlfriend is "GHAZAL"andEvery word spoken by wife is "LECTURE"


What will be the girl's name born on 1st of APRIL?







Why does d bride & groom xchange garlands at d time of wedding.....

B'coz they say each affectionately that : "DARLING NOW U R DEAD"...........


What is the height of confusion?

Two earth worms Playing HIDE AND SEEK in a Plate full of noodles.


Wat is d Biggest Benefit of having a crush in d same college where u study ?







100% Attendence... :-P


QUES - Where can u see mangoes?

On mango trees? NO…….At fruit shop? WRONG AGAIN....Fir kahan?

ANS - Jaha jaha women go,piche piche Man(goes).


Teacher: What Is The Differnce HIMAMI



Tintu: HIMAMI is Face Wash,

SUNAMI is Total Wash.!


Difference between Friend & Wife

U can Tell ur Friend

“U r my Best Friend”


Do u have courage tell to ur Wife

“U r my Best Wife?”

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Just for Laugh

A junior in an office dialed his boss's number by mistake & said :
Hey, send a coffee in my cabin in two minutes !..........
Boss shouted : do you know whom you're talking to ?!!!!!!
Junior : no!
Boss: I'm the boss of this office.
Junior (in the same tone) : & do u know whom you're talking to?
Boss: no!
Junior: Thank God. (and disconnected da phone)..... :D

girl: hi baby! :)
boy: hi my lovely..
(sending failed)
girl: are u there??
boy: yes ! yes i am here!
(sending failed)
girl: are u ignoring me or what ???
boy: honey im not.... im here..
(sending failed)
girl: ok! it's over; dont u ever talk to me again!
boy: DAMN! go to hell !
(message sent) :D

Interviewer Asked Candidate:
"How Many Senses Does A Man Have ... ?"
Candidate Replied: "5 Sir!!"
Interviewer: "Sorry Kid, There Is A 6th Sense Also & That's Common Sense..
Which You Don't Seem To Have. . ."
Candidate: "Sir, There Is 7th Sense
That's Non-Sense Which You Are Talking

Soul 1: How did you die?
Soul 2: Due to cold, you?
Soul 1: I doubted my wife with a man and searched my house, found none, felt guilty and committed suicide...
Soul 2: hahaha!! I was in the fridge..!!!
Dad: I want u 2 marry a girl of my choice.
Son: No
Dad: The girl is Bill Gate's daughter.
Son: Then OK
Dad goes 2 Bill Gates
Dad: I want ur daughter 2 marry my son.
Bill Gates: No
Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank.
Bill Gates: Then OK
Dad goes 2 the President of the World Bank..
Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO of ur bank.
Dad: He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
WB President:Then OK.
This is BUSINESS :) :P


A Qualified MBA Marketing Student married a Girl :
After 1 year of tough life with her, Finally he got angry & sent a note to his Father-in-law :
The smart Father-in-law Replied :
1 year Warranty expired !
Company is not Responsible.


Interviewer to Idiot:
Interviewer: Just imagine you are on the 3rd floor and it caught fire,
how will you escape?
Idiot: It's simple. I will stop my imagination!!!

Guy : My Dad is a Millionaire and 93 yrs old,
he will die soon and i will be rich,
will u marry me?
Girl : No
A week later she was his mother!
Moral : Never give ideas to a Woman. :) ;)


Boy was sleeping in class.
His head was going down and down due to sleep.
Teacher comes and asks "what is this?".
Boy : "Gravitational Force"! :)
2 frds talking:
Hey, I got married!
Oh,dat gud!
No,dats bad. she’s ugly!
Oh,dats Bad!
No.dats Gud. She’s rich!
Oh! Dats gud!
No,dats bad ! she won’t give me a rupee!
Oh, dats bad!
No,dats Gud! She bought me a big house!
Oh.dats gud.
No.dats bad! The house burnt down!
Oh,dats bad!.
No, dats gud! She was inside......:P :D
Interviewr: if the earth Rotates 30 times faster wat'll happen...?
Candidate : V'll get Salary everyday. :D

Monday, 5 December 2011

JMS 2 Demo

C Pointers Fundamentals Explained with Examples – Part I

Anybody who is working on Linux environment (not just developers), should understand the fundamentals of C programming language and write some basic C program.
This article is part of our ongoing series on C programming language.
The concept of pointers is one of the most powerful fundamentals of C/C++ language.

Through pointers a developer can directly access memory from his/her code which makes memory related operations very fast. But, as always, with great power comes great responsibility.
A developer has to very carefully make use of pointers in order to avoid some problems that can be nightmare to debug.
In this article we will study the very basic concept of pointers with examples in C language.

What are Pointers?

Different from other normal variables which can store values, pointers are special variables that can hold the address of a variable. Since they store memory address of a variable, the pointers are very commonly said to “point to variables”. Lets try to understand the concept.

As shown in the above diagram:
  • A normal variable ‘var’ has a memory address of 1001 and holds a value 50.
  • A pointer variable has its own address 2047 but stores 1001, which is the address of the variable ‘var’

How to Declare a Pointer?

A pointer is declared as :
<pointer type> *<pointer-name>
In the above declaration :
  1. pointer-type : It specifies the type of pointer. It can be int,char, float etc. This type specifies the type of variable whose address this pointer can store.
  2. pointer-name : It can be any name specified by the user. Professionally, there are some coding styles which every code follows. The pointer names commonly start with ‘p’ or end with ‘ptr’
An example of a pointer declaration can be :
char *chptr;
In the above declaration, ‘char’ signifies the pointer type, chptr is the name of the pointer while the asterisk ‘*’ signifies that ‘chptr’ is a pointer variable.

How to initialize a Pointer?

A pointer is initialized in the following way :
<pointer declaration(except semicolon)> = <address of a variable>


<pointer declaration>
<name-of-pointer> = <address of a variable>
Note that the type of variable above should be same as the pointer type.(Though this is not a strict rule but for beginners this should be kept in mind).
For example :
char ch = 'c';
char *chptr = &ch; //initialize 


char ch = 'c';
char *chptr;
chptr = &ch //initialize
In the code above, we declared a character variable ch which stores the value ‘c’. Now, we declared a character pointer ‘chptr’ and initialized it with the address of variable ‘ch’.
Note that the ‘&’ operator is used to access the address of any type of variable.

How to Use a Pointer?

A pointer can be used in two contexts.
Context 1: For accessing the address of the variable whose memory address the pointer stores.
Again consider the following code :
   char ch = 'c';
   char *chptr = &ch;
Now, whenever we refer the name ‘chptr’ in the code after the above two lines, then compiler would try to fetch the value contained by this pointer variable, which is the address of the variable (ch) to which the pointer points. i.e. the value given by ‘chptr’ would be equal to ‘&ch’.
For example :
char *ptr = chptr;
The value held by ‘chptr’ (which in this case is the address of the variable ‘ch’) is assigned to the new pointer ‘ptr’.
Context 2: For accessing the value of the variable whose memory address the pointer stores.
Continuing with the piece of code used above :
char ch = 'c';
char t;
char *chptr = &ch;
t = *chptr;
We see that in the last line above, we have used ‘*’ before the name of the pointer. What does this asterisk operator do?
Well, this operator when applied to a pointer variable name(like in the last line above) yields the value of the variable to which this pointer points. Which means, in this case ‘*chptr’ would yield the value kept at address held by chptr. Since ‘chptr’ holds the address of variable ‘ch’ and value of ‘ch’ is ‘c’, so ‘*chptr’ yeilds ‘c’.
When used with pointers, the asterisk ‘*’ operator is also known as ‘value of’ operator.

An Example of C Pointers

Consider the following code :
#include <stdio.h> 

int main(void)
    char ch = 'c';
    char *chptr = &ch; 

    int i = 20;
    int *intptr = &i; 

    float f = 1.20000;
    float *fptr = &f; 

    char *ptr = "I am a string"; 

    printf("\n [%c], [%d], [%f], [%c], [%s]\n", *chptr, *intptr, *fptr, *ptr, ptr);

    return 0;
$ ./pointers 

 [c], [20], [1.200000], [I], [I am a string]
To debug a C program, use gdb. The above code covers all the common pointers. The first three of them are very trivial now to understand so lets concentrate on the fourth one. In the fourth example, a character pointer points to a string.
In C, a string is nothing but an array of characters. So we have no staring pointers in C. Its the character pointers that are used in case of strings too.
Now, coming to the string, when we point a pointer to a string, by default it holds the address of the first character of the string. Lets try to understand it better.
The string, ‘I am String’ in memory is placed as :
1001   1002    1003    1004   1005   1006   1007   1008   1009   1010
I      a       m       S      t      r      i      n      g      \0
Since characters occupy one byte each, so they are placed like above in the memory. Note the last character, its a null character which is placed at the end of every string by default in C. This null character signifies the end of the string.
Now coming back to the point, any character pointer pointing to a string stores the address of the first character of the string. In the code above, ‘ptr’ holds the address of the character ‘I’ ie 1001. Now, when we apply the ‘value of’ operator ‘*’ to ‘ptr’, we intend to fetch the value at address 1001 which is ‘I’ and hence when we print ‘*ptr’, we get ‘I’ as the output.
Also, If we specify the format specifier as ‘%s’ and use ‘ptr’ (which contains the starting address of the string), then the complete string is printed using printf. The concept is that %s specifier requires the address of the beginning byte of string to display the complete string, which we provided using ‘ptr’ (which we know holds the beginning byte address of the string). This we can see as the last print in the output above.

Pointers as Structure Objects

Consider the following code :

struct st{
int a;
char ch;

int main(void)
    struct st obj;
    struct st *stobj = &obj; 

    stobj->a = 5;
    stobj->ch = 'a'; 

    printf("\n [%d] [%c]\n", stobj->a, stobj->ch);
    return 0;
$ ./pointers 

 [5] [a]
In the above code, we have declared a pointer stobj of type ‘struct st’. Now since the pointer type is a structure, so the address it points to has to be of a ‘struct st’ type variable(which in this case is ‘obj’). Other interesting part is how structure elements are accessed using pointer variable ‘stobj’. Yes, When dealing with pointer objects, its a standard to use arrow operator -> instead of ‘.’ operator(which would have been used, had we used ‘obj’ to access the structure elements).
To conclude, In this article we studied the concept of pointers in C from scratch and then slowly built upon our understanding to more complex topics like using pointers as structure objects. This was a basic tutorial, we will cover more complex pointer concepts in the part-II of this article.

sourcec: The geekstuff

Java JMS full

Long Term Infrastructure Bonds 2011 by IDFC, REC, IIFCL, IFCI, L and T, ICICI, LIC and SBI

Govt. of India has allowed certain Infrastructure companies to issue Long Term Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds. These companies include IDFC, IFCI, REC, IIFCL, L and T, ICICI etc. Investors of these Infra Bonds can claim tax exemption under section 80 CCF of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for an amount up to Rs. 20000. This deduction is aver and above Rs. 100000 limit available under sections 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD read with section 80CCE. Most of the companies have issued notifications for the issue of bonds with interest rates ranging from 7.75 percent to 8.30 percent. There are various options for investors such as buy back by the company after 5 / 7 years and maturity option after 10 / 15 years under different series of Bonds.

These Infra bonds provide tax benefits apart from creating additional value by the time of maturity. Though the companies are not promising any assured returns, one can expect minimum returns on par with any saving schemes as the the sector will get highest priority by the Governments. These Infra Bonds are most effective in the case of high salaried people with 30 percent tax bracket. Following are these details of Long Term Infra Bonds for the year 2011-12

1. REC Long Term Infra Bonds: Issue Last date: Till 31st March 2011; Interest Rate: 8 percent for buyback option and 8.10 percent for Non-Buy back option. Website:

2. IIFCL Infra Bonds: Issue Closes on 4th March 2011. Interest: 8.15 for buy back and 8.30 for till the maturity option. Website:

3. IDFC Infrastructure Bonds: Issued series I and Series II with an intereste rate of 8 percent for both Buy back and cumulative options. Website:

4. IFCI Long Term Infra Bonds: The IFCI has issued Series I and Series II Bonds with an interest rates of 8 percent for Buy Back option and 8.25 for Non Buy Back option. Website:

5. L and T Infra Bonds: Issued Long Term Tax Saver Infra Bonds with 7.5 percent interest rate for buy back after 5 years and 7.75 percent interest for buy back option after 7 years. Website:

Other companies and Bank such as ICICI, LIC and SBI are also likely to issue Long Term Infra Bonds soon!

Source : Helloap

New Website for Railway Online Ticket Booking

Railway Department is proposed to start a brand new website for online ticket booking. The new website is likely to be in operation with in a moth. Operational / maintenance responsibilities of the proposed new site have been taken up by SBI. Presently, IRCTC ( is the sole seller of online tickets for Indian Railways. The proposed new portal will charge only half of the service charge that is being charged by IRCTC for online booking. Following are the service charges for the online booking through new website:

1. Reservation Charge for Sleeper Class Seat: Rs. 5
2. Reservation Charge fo AC Class Seat: Rs. 10

Railway department is also planning to integrate all its 35 websites to the new portal. IRCTC has earned Rs. 722 crores income for the last financial year. The Railway Department is gradually taking over the management of online services from IRCTC.

source :  helloap

SMS Services of Indian Railways- PNR Status, Seat Availability, Train Schedule

Before going into the details of various SMS services offered by Indian Railways, you must know about the latest M-Ticket facility for booking reservation tickets through SMS from your mobile phone. This could be a innovative decision and most comfortable service from Indian Railways as there is no need of print outs and ID proofs! There are plenty of other SMS services you can avail from Indian Railways. You need to go to the nearest Railway Counter for every thing. You can get most of the essential services and information to your mobile phone by just sending a SMS. You can get all these from . Following is the list of Mobile Operators for various regions. This is initial classification and can be altered later on. Customers who are already using can use their existing user id and password to log in to the site and transact through your mobile phones. First time users can use the registration facility offered by the mobile operator or you can visit and avail normal registration form from the site.

The Customer also need to choose ‘mobile booking’ option in the profile / registration page to avail all types of Mobile Booking facilities including SMS railway ticket booking. The user needs to submit details like mobile number, mobile operator, and preferred Bank for payment option. The Bank will be charging Rs 10 for this service for each booking. If you are using ICICI Bank, you will need to be registered to the ‘Mobile Shopping Service’ provided by ICICI Bank and should enter the ‘mShop Name’ through SMS. You can also get more details from IRCTC web page on SMS Ticket Booking.

Other SMS Services of Indian Railways: Indian Railway is already implementing SMS services for transactions such as checking your Railway ticket status (PNR Status) using SMS messages. You can also just send an SMS from your cell phone to 57886 to get any information on Railways. Important Railway inquiries like Train Alert, Train Status, Seat Availability, PNR Status, Train Information, Train Time Table, Train Schedule, Train Fare etc that are offered on the website are available through your mobile phone through SMS facility also. Following are some important SMS services of Indian Railways:

1) Train Help Command: Sms HELP TRN to 54959
2) PNR Status: Sms PNR <10-digit PNR No.> to 54959
3) Ticket Availability: Sms TRNAV to 54959
4) Trains Between Two Stations : Sms TRNBT to 54959
5) Train Schedule (send the first few characters of the train name): Sms TRNSH to 54959
6) Train Schedule (by Train No.): Sms TRNSH to 54959
7) Access via WAP (Mobile Browser): Sms TRNLINK to 54959

For more information on the mobile service providers and the key words to be used on the mobile, please visit

source :  helloap

M Ticket- Book Railway E-Ticket Through SMS- Indian Rail SMS Reservation Procedure

Railway passengers can book / reserve their e-tickets from their cell phones instead of normal internet booking and taking print-outs. Named as ‘m-ticket’, the mobile phone supported ticket booking system, this facilitates Indian Railway passengers to book train ticket through mobile phones. They just need to carry the display ticket sent to their cell phones through an SMS. Passengers just need to show the SMS and need not carry any print out. You need to download the download the mobile ticketing application from Indian Railway new web portal OR and should install it on the cell phone. The customers who are already utilizing the facility of booking e-tickets on mobile phones can avail this facility also by downloading the mobile ticketing application on to their cell phones from the Indian Railway Portal, using the URL sent in the SMS.

After completion of m-ticket booking and related payment formalities, an SMS containing the m-ticket details will be sent to the user / passenger. This message is referred to as Mobile Reservation Message (MRM). The cost of MRM from Indian Railways web portal shall be borne by Indian Railways. This facility of booking e-tickets through SMS from Indian Railways Web Portal will be available from 12.30 AM to 11.30 PM daily. Apart from the latest m-ticket facility, Indian Railways is also offering number of other SMS services like PNR status, Trains Schedule, Time Table, Train Running Status etc for the convenience of passengers.

So, Indian Railway introduced the most simplest way for train ticket reservation, m-ticket. You can just reserve your Indian Railway journey ticket using SMS messages from your mobile phone. The Railway Department has taken this decision considering the wide spread use of mobile / cell phones in India. Now you can book your Railway Reservation Ticket through sending an SMS from your cell phone. All the SMS Services of Indian Railways are supported by leading mobile operators / network providers such as Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Aircel, Tata Indicom etc. Indian Railways is going to use modern technology such as GPRS, CDMA and speech recognition on various mobile operators.

Procedure to book m-tickets through SMS: Following is the step by step procedure for M-Ticket Booking through SMS:

1. You need to be registered with the website OR OR and should have opted for mobile reservation services.
2. You should create minimum one Passenger List in your profile registered with IRCTC. This list will be used for the booking process through SMS.
3. The customer / passenger should have Mobile Banking services of ICICI Bank or any other banks recommended by the Railway Dept.
4. The customer should have a mobile connection with any one of the recognized / identified operators listed above
5. The complete process of ‘Book Ticket’ can be finished through two SMS messages, using IRCTC’s short code – 7245.

Before proceeding with all these, you need to download m-ticket application from the website or offered by your mobile service provider and you should follow the installation procedure.

source :  helloap

SBI FreedoM Mobile Banking Application, Registration Procedure and SMS Banking

State Bank of India has introduced Mobile Banking and SMS banking facility for the convenience of its customers to transact from any place. All that you need is a mobile phone with / without GPRS and you must be in a place where mobile network is available. Even you are away from home and your bank, balance inquiries and funds transfers can be made and you can also pay your bills anytime. State Bank FreedoM is also offering various other services through its Mobile Banking offers:
SBI is offering Mobile Banking Service over Application / Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). This is available on java enabled mobile phones (with or without GPRS). Customers have to download the SBI FreedoM application on to the mobile handset from SBI website link at Following are the services available through SBI FreedoM Mobile Banking:
1. Funds transfer (within the bank and outside the bank branches)
2. Request for Cheque book
3. Bill Payment (Utility bills, credit cards, Insurance premium), Donations, Subscriptions etc.
4. Enquiry services (Balance Enquiry / Mini statement)
5. Mobile Top up (Recharge)
6. Interbank Mobile Payment Services (IMPS)
7. Demat Enquiry Service
8. M Commerce (Top up of Tatasky, BigTV, SunDirect, DishTV connections and receive recharge pins for DigitalTV / Videocon d2h, SBI life insurance premiums
Eligibility to avail Mobile Banking: All the Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment are eligible to use mobile banking services. Transaction limit per each customer per day is Rs.50,000/- with a calendar month limit of Rs.2,50,000/- . Users of all the telecom service providers can avail this facility. The Service from SBI is free of charge. But the user / customer has to borne SMS / GPRS cost.
SBI is also offering various Mobile Banking Services through SMS. The SMS Banking is available on all the phones with any network provider. You can avail this facility on a handset with java / non java platform with / without GPRS connection. Customers need not download any application to avail SMS services. Customers have to borne ordinary SMS charges as applicable. You can do following transactions through SMS Banking services:
1. DTH Top up / recharge
2. Balance Enquiry / Mini Statement
3. IMPS- Mobile to Mobile Transfer
4. Mobile Top up
5. Change MPIN
Step by step registration process for Mobile Banking and SMS codes to be used for various services are available at,1,21,691 .

source : helloap

Insurance for Ayyappa devotees by Oriental Company

Here is a good news for Ayyappa devotees traveling all the way to Sabarimala from nook and corner of the stateof Andhra Pradesh. The Oriental Insurance Company Limited has announced insurance coverage for Ayyappa devotees. The scheme will cover their journey to Sabarimala by all means such as rail, bus, van, car or others forms of transport against personal risks. The scheme has been launched by the Insurance Company on the request of Chaitanya Ayyappa Bhaktha Samajam.
The insurance cover applies only from the date of commencement of the journey to Sabarimala and will be in force till the pilgrims return to the place of origin of journey or 30 days, which ever is earlier. The scheme is very much useful for those visiting during the rush months of December and January every year. Pilgrims can avail the insurance coverage by paying a premium of Rs 15 per devotee. This should be paid in the way of demand draft or cash by a single person or collectively by a group.
The Oriental Insurance Company has announced that Rs. 1 lakh will be given as insurance in the event of death of pilgrim. In the event of amputation of two legs or hands or loss of vision (both eyes) due accident in the journey, the insurance company will pay Rs 1 lakh. For more information on this scheme contact at phone numbers: 24041676 or 98499 86676.

source : helloap

Friday, 2 December 2011

Top 10 Must Have Firefox Add-Ons For Bloggers:

StumbleUpon : To browse the user submitted great content on the internet

Clipmarks : To extract and clip a part of any webpage like paragraph, sentence, image or video

Sage : A lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension

Jeteye : A web-based application for communication and social activities

Performancing : A full featured blog editor

Wizz : A good RSS and Atom news reader.

MeasureIt : A virtual ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.

Show MyIP : To show your current IP address, shows static and dynamic IP both

NewsFox : RSS/Atom News Reader.

TorrentBar : A BitTorrent file search toolbar for Firefox users.

source : shaanhaider

Top 10 Must Have Firefox Add-Ons For Web-Developers

FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox

IE Tab
IE Tab can embed Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla Firefox. So, you can use two different browser in one window.

Web Developer
It adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools which improves the creativity

Firebug integrates lots of development tools with Firefox. So, you can easily edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

One of the most popular Firefox add-on which allows to customize the way a webpage displays using JavaScript.

Tab Mix Plus
Tab Mix Plus gives awesome tab browsing capabilities, such as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, etc. It is also having a full-featured session manager with crash recovery feature that can save and restore combinations of opened tabs and windows.

Image Zoom
The name says it all.

It is having lots of image editing tools like Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer, etc.

IE View
It lets you load pages in Internet Explorer, or mark certain sites to *always* load in Internet Explorer. It is a very useful tool for incompatible pages, or cross-browser testing.

It automate the web browser to record and replay repetitious work.

source : shaanhaider

Top Business Apps (Free) For Android Tablets

You already have an Android tablet but you are in search of business apps that can compliment with your busy schedule and add some ease to that ever-growing workload. The Android market is flooded with business apps; this is why EFYTimes brings you top shortlisted business apps that can be of handy support to you.

File Manager
As the name suggests, this file manager lets you customise how your desktop, files, folder and icons appear. This full-featured app comprises three sets of icons that support multiple resolutions. Those users who can't get enough with Android's default look and appearance should go for this app.

Catch Notes
The app allows users to jot down their ideas, thoughts, plans via text, voice recordings, images and locations. With private and shared streams, the notes can be gathered into collections which can be used as a personal folder or shared as a private, collaborative space through

Advance Task Killer
If you are in the middle of something really important such as creating a spreadsheet and the tablet is running irritatingly slow then, this app will come to your rescue. Advanced Task Killer (ATK) terminates those unnecessary processes that hog up your tablet's system memory.

The storage app that many business users must be familiar with, Dropbox provides nice readability for synced files, displays pictures and PDFs beautifully, and hands off work documents to Docs To Go with ease. The app lets you save the data to all your computers, your Android device and even the Dropbox website.

Android Zip File Manager

If you want to shrink the size of those important documents and images that you would like to share via e-mail or IM then, this app should be of some handy use for you. It comprises file manager and archive manager that can zip and create between formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, 7ZIP. If you want that extra security layer over your zipped files then the app has (AES 256 bit) encryption too.

Live Indian Gold Silver Prices
Those commodity brokers who are always on the look-out for updating themselves with the latest gold/ silver prices, need not stay hooked onto websites. Live Indian Gold Silver Prices is one such app that provides the latest Indian gold and silver rates with quick updates.

Remote Web Desktop
This phone allows you to remotely manage your tablet through your computer's Web browser. The build-in network bridge enables connection with any WiFi/3G/USB connections. Once a remote connection is made, the user can make a remote call, share the clipboard and also make the device as a personal Web server.

Tally CEO Dashboard
Tally, the popular accounting software now comes to your Android tablet. Tally CEO Dashboard connects to your Tally Server and makes important business information available on any Android-based tablet device. It allows the user to configure and connect to multiple company data residing on various servers.

8 Android Browser Alternatives!

If you are bored of Android stock browser and wish to try some browser alternatives in your Android phone, you have a host of them to lay your hands on. Here is a list of eight Android browser alternatives that have been updated within the last six months. These browsers are primarily meant to view English language websites. All these browsers support Flash Video immediately after they are installed.

Boat Browser
Similar to the desktop Web browser, Boat Browser brings tabs set along the top. Users just have to tap the '+' button on the right end of the tab toolbar to open the new tab. Then enter a site's address in the URL box below the tabs. The browser scrolls the tab toolbar and URL box up, off-screen automatically once the page is fully loaded to show you more of the Web page, says a PCWorld report. If you wish to switch to another tab, you can tap an icon on the toolbar that runs along the bottom of the browser. The browser comes with a GUI where users can swipe side-to-side through thumbnails of the pages. One simply needs to tap a thumbnail to see that page.

Dolphin Browser HD
In Dolphin Browser HD, the tabs work exactly in the same fashion they do in Boat Browser -- and when a Web page is completely loaded, the browser will scroll it slightly down the tab toolbar and URL box off-screen. It features gesture user interfaces, like- if you scribble a "<" on the touchscreen, the Web browser will return to the previous page viewed by you. Its mini version is also there, which offers more features than the HD one. It comes with extra tools like screenshot capturing, data backup and private browsing. However, HD can use add-ons. Mini works on older versions of Android, starting from 1.6, while HD requires at least 2.0.1.

Firefox (Android version)
If you swipe the browsing window toward the left, it shows a sidebar with thumbnails of your active pages. These are not tabs but the way of interaction with these thumbnails is the same. You will find a '+' mark at the bottom of the sidebar which can be tapped to open a new page. Similar to its desktop counterpart, the Android version of Firefox comes with its own add-ons functionality. Mozilla has provided a separate beta version with bugfixes and experimental new features. This version is frequently updated.

Maxthon Browser
In this browser, users can find the tabs set along the top. Users can simply tap the "+" button on the right side of the tab toolbar to open a new window and enter a URL to proceed. Maxthon browser also features gesture interactivity like Dolphin browser. Similar to Firefox, it uses add-ons.

Miren Browser

Miren Browser lists the pages as tabs along the top. Tapping the "+" button on the right side of this tab toolbar opens a page with a URL box. The pages are shown in full-screen mode in this browser because of its default setting. Users can tap the button on the lower-right of the screen to get the Android OS status indicator bar that runs along the top.

NetFront Life Browser
NetFront Life is not like the traditional browsers. If you like unconventional things, you must try this one. NetFront Life browser shows bookmarks and browsing history through a 3D graphics user interface. You simply need to flip like folders in a filing cabinet, or record LPs in a rack.

Ninesky Browser
In this browser, tabs are placed at the top. The browser hides them by scrolling down whenever loading a Web page is completed. Users can move to another tab by tapping an icon on a toolbar along the bottom. A window pops up to show thumbnails of your active pages that you can tap to access them. The browser features extensions (i.e. add-ons) capability.

Opera Mobile
Opera Mobile browser brings along a prominently displayed navigation bar. But it can disappear when you view a Web page. Users can tap an icon on this bar to see thumbnails of all open pages. From here, one can simply tap and jump to the other page. This browser takes a few seconds longer to start up, unlike Android stock.

[Images Credit: PC World]
source : efytimes

Kolaveri Di Songs Meaning, Text, Words, Lyrics and Tweets

In a startling revelation, the Kolaveri Di has crossed 10 million hits on the YouTube within 14 days of its release on the internet. The latest sensation among the youth of South India initially and Pan India at the moment, and may be a global youth phenomenon of tomorrow, Kolaveri Di is a song from the Tamil Movie 3 (Three) starred by Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan. The uniqueness of the song is its 100 percent natural lyrics, tune and rendering by Dhanush. The song has a natural flair in using English with Tamil accent, making it a Tanglish as described by Dhanush himself. The film 3 (three) is being directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the daughter of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. The film is slated to release in 2012. You can watch this song on YouTube from this link .

Here comes the real question, why this Kolaveri Di is the rage among the among youth? You can find everybody humming Kolaveri Di. There are so many people searching on the net for the real meaning of the term ‘Kolaveri Di’. There are various versions with similar meaning. Without getting too literal, Kolaveri means killer rage. And some language experts say that the meaning of Kolaveri means murderous rage. The song was released on November 16 and just crossed 10 million hits on YouTube by 30th November 2011. Most surprising part of the song Kolaveri Di is, it is composed by 18-year-old Anirudh Ravichander. Here is the text of the original lyrics of Kolaveri Di. You can also find English translations of Kolaveri Di on the net, but most of the people may not need it as it is penned with such a natural flow of language.

Just try to hum along with the video available on YouTube:

Yo boys i am singing song
Soup song…
Flop song …
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Rhythm correct
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Maintain this
Why this di.

Distance la moonu moonu moonu coloru whiteu
white background nightu nigthu
nightu coloru blacku
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

White skin-u girl-u girl-u
Girl-u heart-u black-u
Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
My future dark
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Maama notes eduthuko
Apdiye kaila snacks eduthuko
Pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan
Sariya vaasi
Super maama ready
Ready 1 2 3 4…

Whaa wat a change over maama
Ok maama now tune change-u
Kaila glass only english
Hand la glass
Glass la scotch
Eyes-u full-aa tear-u
Empty life-u
Girl-u come-u
Life reverse gear-u
Lovv-u lovv-u, oh my lovv-u
You showed me bouv-u
Cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
I want u hear now-u
god i m dying now-u
she is happy how-u

This song for soup boys-u
We dont have choice-u
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di (x4)
Flop song

Following are meanings of some important tamil words in the song:

1) Why this Kolaveri Di?: Why do you have this Kolaveri, Girl? (This represents the guy’s feeling after his girlfriend ditched him).
2) Kolaveri: Urge to Kill or Torment or Hurt someone. And the meaning varies on the situation. It is highly popular slang among Tamil youth. It is generally used to silence a cranky person in a group. Most of the times, youngsters use this slang between themselves without implying actual meaning.
3) Soup Song: A song about failing in love.
4) Soup Boys: Men who have failed in love.
5) Sariyaa Vaasi: Play the music properly.
6) Showed me Bouv-u: Rejected me (It is a funny expression which means that a shoos you away when you go after her. It is drawn from Bow, a dog bark comes out when you go near to it and it saying not to go to that.
7) Da or Mama: Tamil variant of Dude or Bro.
8) Di: Tamil variant of Girl or Babe.

It is learnt that Bib B Amitabh Bachchan also responded to this song and tweeted saying ‘This Kolaveri is veri veri endearing .. just not leaving the sound waves in the mind-u… what-a what-a what-a do-u’. And he wrote in his blog that ”Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di .. Ahh…just not leaving the lips and the mind and the system…such an endearing experience. Brings a smile and laughter and rhythm instantly to the face… get to YouTube, type Dhanush and Kolaveri Di… its his latest song that has become a rage all over’. That is the power of Kolaveri Di as of now.

source : helloap

Thursday, 1 December 2011

MoneyControl now has app for ipad

The moneycontrol iPad app is now available for download and it is free. Users can download the app to get latest news on finance, stock related news, to keep a track of the Indian and global financial market, among others. Customers can even avail real-time information about the global market. With the help of the app, users can watch Live TV and get in-depth coverage and analysis if the financial markets. The Website is part of the Network 18 group.

source : efytimes

8 Tips To Save Your Android Phone Battery

With its big screen and faster processor, your Android smartphone's battery is ought to drain out faster than you wish.           

A major issue faced by Android phone users is its battery drainage problem. With its big screen and fast processor, the battery is ought to drain out. In fact, you are lucky if you get 24 hours out of it. Hence, to avoid such battery woes, we bring to you a list of 9 tips for saving your phone battery.

1. Find out apps and components that consume more power
The first step to increase battery life is to find out the apps and components that consume most of the power. A CNET report says that users can press the Menu key, tap Settings, scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu and tap About Phone. One can know about the battery consumption just by tapping Tap Battery Use in this menu.

2. Use the screen wisely
The bigger display of the Android phone puts the maximum load on its battery. Set a short timeout to make sure that the screen goes dark when you are not actively using the device. You can do that by tapping Display from the Settings menu. Then tap Screen timeout and set a new time for timout. In addition, you can also control the brightness. The Display menu has the option to select brightness levels. You can either select constant screen brightness or enable automatic adjustment to suit the ambient light. Choose the 'Power saving mode', which enables the variations in brightness levels depending upon the picture. Users are advised to immediately tap power button whenever they are finished with the phone, which instantly turns off the screen.

3. Turn off the features that you're not using
Radio interfaces definitely solve the purpose of a smartphone but eat-up a lot of battery as well. You can drag the Notification bar down to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Keep these services off unless you are actively using them. Turn on the GPS a few minutes before you need it.

4. Quit apps properly if not in use
It's a common practice to use the home button for getting out of any apps, but this leaves the apps open in the background. Quit an application properly by pressing Back if you wish to move out of it to save battery.

5. Resist using a lot of widgets
Widgets are useful, but many of them like news tickers or weather forecasters need a lot of processing time and data downloads for regular updates. Keep away from having too many widgets on your home screen. You can instead create application shortcuts and run them when you need them.

Similar is the case with Android's live wallpapers. They might look good but they drain the battery constantly.

6. Get rid of checking e-mails often
Checking e-mails very often eats up a lot of power. So avoid doing that. Get started with Android's E-mail app and tap an account, then press the Menu key, tap More and choose Account settings. Tap E-mail Check Frequency and choose Every Hour, then repeat for any other mail accounts. You can enable the settings for social media applications like TweetDeck too.

7. Avoid too many videos and games
Android phones make great radios, music or movie players, but video playback is one of the major reasons of battery drainage. Be restrictive when you use your iPlayer or play Angry Birds, Stair Dismount or any other game. Overuse can leave you powerless.

8. In an emergency

Android devices warn about low battery when it is left with only 15 per cent charge. As soon as you see this alert, head to the notifications bar immediately and turn off as many options as possible. Also, hold in the power button and turn off Data network mode. Make sure that you exit all non-essential apps, return to the Home screen and turn the screen off. From this point it is advisable to your smart phone as just a phone.

source : efytimes

Some Magic Time with Microsoft Windows

Magic  #1
An Indian found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on
the Computer which can be named as "CON". This is
something funny and inexplicable? At Microsoft the whole
Team, couldn't answer why this happened!

Magic #2
Did you know that a flight number from one of the planes that hit one
of the two WTC towers on 9/11 was Q33N. In Notepad / WordPad or MS
Word, type that flight number i.e. Q33N. Increase the font size to 72.
Change the font to Wingdings. ..... u will be amazed by the

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1.) Open an empty notepad file
2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the
3.) Save it as whatever you want.
4.) Close it, and re-open it?

Noticed the weird bug?
No one can explain!

Again this is something funny and can't be explained?
At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates,
couldn't answer why this happened!

It was discovered by a Brazilian. Try it out

Open Microsoft Word and type

=rand (200, 99)

And then press ENTER
And see the result

Flash Mob Mumbai - CST Official Video