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Friday, 2 December 2011

Top Business Apps (Free) For Android Tablets

You already have an Android tablet but you are in search of business apps that can compliment with your busy schedule and add some ease to that ever-growing workload. The Android market is flooded with business apps; this is why EFYTimes brings you top shortlisted business apps that can be of handy support to you.

File Manager
As the name suggests, this file manager lets you customise how your desktop, files, folder and icons appear. This full-featured app comprises three sets of icons that support multiple resolutions. Those users who can't get enough with Android's default look and appearance should go for this app.

Catch Notes
The app allows users to jot down their ideas, thoughts, plans via text, voice recordings, images and locations. With private and shared streams, the notes can be gathered into collections which can be used as a personal folder or shared as a private, collaborative space through

Advance Task Killer
If you are in the middle of something really important such as creating a spreadsheet and the tablet is running irritatingly slow then, this app will come to your rescue. Advanced Task Killer (ATK) terminates those unnecessary processes that hog up your tablet's system memory.

The storage app that many business users must be familiar with, Dropbox provides nice readability for synced files, displays pictures and PDFs beautifully, and hands off work documents to Docs To Go with ease. The app lets you save the data to all your computers, your Android device and even the Dropbox website.

Android Zip File Manager

If you want to shrink the size of those important documents and images that you would like to share via e-mail or IM then, this app should be of some handy use for you. It comprises file manager and archive manager that can zip and create between formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, 7ZIP. If you want that extra security layer over your zipped files then the app has (AES 256 bit) encryption too.

Live Indian Gold Silver Prices
Those commodity brokers who are always on the look-out for updating themselves with the latest gold/ silver prices, need not stay hooked onto websites. Live Indian Gold Silver Prices is one such app that provides the latest Indian gold and silver rates with quick updates.

Remote Web Desktop
This phone allows you to remotely manage your tablet through your computer's Web browser. The build-in network bridge enables connection with any WiFi/3G/USB connections. Once a remote connection is made, the user can make a remote call, share the clipboard and also make the device as a personal Web server.

Tally CEO Dashboard
Tally, the popular accounting software now comes to your Android tablet. Tally CEO Dashboard connects to your Tally Server and makes important business information available on any Android-based tablet device. It allows the user to configure and connect to multiple company data residing on various servers.

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