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Friday, 2 December 2011

8 Android Browser Alternatives!

If you are bored of Android stock browser and wish to try some browser alternatives in your Android phone, you have a host of them to lay your hands on. Here is a list of eight Android browser alternatives that have been updated within the last six months. These browsers are primarily meant to view English language websites. All these browsers support Flash Video immediately after they are installed.

Boat Browser
Similar to the desktop Web browser, Boat Browser brings tabs set along the top. Users just have to tap the '+' button on the right end of the tab toolbar to open the new tab. Then enter a site's address in the URL box below the tabs. The browser scrolls the tab toolbar and URL box up, off-screen automatically once the page is fully loaded to show you more of the Web page, says a PCWorld report. If you wish to switch to another tab, you can tap an icon on the toolbar that runs along the bottom of the browser. The browser comes with a GUI where users can swipe side-to-side through thumbnails of the pages. One simply needs to tap a thumbnail to see that page.

Dolphin Browser HD
In Dolphin Browser HD, the tabs work exactly in the same fashion they do in Boat Browser -- and when a Web page is completely loaded, the browser will scroll it slightly down the tab toolbar and URL box off-screen. It features gesture user interfaces, like- if you scribble a "<" on the touchscreen, the Web browser will return to the previous page viewed by you. Its mini version is also there, which offers more features than the HD one. It comes with extra tools like screenshot capturing, data backup and private browsing. However, HD can use add-ons. Mini works on older versions of Android, starting from 1.6, while HD requires at least 2.0.1.

Firefox (Android version)
If you swipe the browsing window toward the left, it shows a sidebar with thumbnails of your active pages. These are not tabs but the way of interaction with these thumbnails is the same. You will find a '+' mark at the bottom of the sidebar which can be tapped to open a new page. Similar to its desktop counterpart, the Android version of Firefox comes with its own add-ons functionality. Mozilla has provided a separate beta version with bugfixes and experimental new features. This version is frequently updated.

Maxthon Browser
In this browser, users can find the tabs set along the top. Users can simply tap the "+" button on the right side of the tab toolbar to open a new window and enter a URL to proceed. Maxthon browser also features gesture interactivity like Dolphin browser. Similar to Firefox, it uses add-ons.

Miren Browser

Miren Browser lists the pages as tabs along the top. Tapping the "+" button on the right side of this tab toolbar opens a page with a URL box. The pages are shown in full-screen mode in this browser because of its default setting. Users can tap the button on the lower-right of the screen to get the Android OS status indicator bar that runs along the top.

NetFront Life Browser
NetFront Life is not like the traditional browsers. If you like unconventional things, you must try this one. NetFront Life browser shows bookmarks and browsing history through a 3D graphics user interface. You simply need to flip like folders in a filing cabinet, or record LPs in a rack.

Ninesky Browser
In this browser, tabs are placed at the top. The browser hides them by scrolling down whenever loading a Web page is completed. Users can move to another tab by tapping an icon on a toolbar along the bottom. A window pops up to show thumbnails of your active pages that you can tap to access them. The browser features extensions (i.e. add-ons) capability.

Opera Mobile
Opera Mobile browser brings along a prominently displayed navigation bar. But it can disappear when you view a Web page. Users can tap an icon on this bar to see thumbnails of all open pages. From here, one can simply tap and jump to the other page. This browser takes a few seconds longer to start up, unlike Android stock.

[Images Credit: PC World]
source : efytimes

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